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 Nikolajs Serikovs is engaged in the forex market from August 1994. Started in the PAREX BANK, Riga, Latvia, where in May 1995 he created first among three newly born baltic republics  forex department for the clients of the PAREX BANK with the minimum collateral of 1 000.00 USD. This structure, already modernized, nowdays continues it’s succesfull functioning. Nikolajs Serikovs left PAREX BANK in 1999 and from that time on trades for himself combining trading with a deep investigation of the forex and other financial markets. His investigations led him to absolutely new understanding of the markets essence, which  stands apart from all others known in the world today. Nowadays his recommendations are published daily at his web site . Using developed by him new methods, he states accurate main upside and downside price levels early in the morning around 05:00 GMT and this levels are good for the coming day and sometimes for two-three days more. 

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