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Forex market price structure and program "Loravilks" for definition of price reversal(bifurcation) points

Forex market price structure and program "Loravilks" for definition of price reversal (bifurcation) points

Dear traders !

Those, who visit my website, each day in the morning may see the pinpoint accuracy of the intraday levels for currency pairs’  main supports and resistances in the Forex market. I write these prognoses with the help of my program “Loravilks” on the basis of developed by me system of price structure building for any currency pair.
This system of currency pair price structure building is my intellectual property. The system is intended for work only with the Forex market.

The purchase of  “Course 1” (together with the “Loravilks” program) will permit you to create prognoses like mine, easily defining the price reversal(bifurcation) points, which in its turn wil provide you with invaluable help while taking trading decisions in the market and, therefore, would make you free forever.

What will you really get after purchase of “Course 1”?

After i see the funds on my account and not longer than two days after reception, you will get by an e-mail a small program “Loravilks” with a manual and description of how to build price structure for any currency with the help of mentioned program (Course 1). The period of maximum two days is mentioned here for the cases when I may be not at my place due to holidays or weekends.

Then you fill the windows of the program with the content (which you get from the description of how to build price structure) and start using it. The program will mark the levels of the possible reversals by a red color. The program permits printing of those levels.
Knowing the reversal level is not enough, of course, for the trader  to decide when and where to enter the market and that is why in the material you get, there will be explained how to get confirmation of the reversal or break of the price bifurcation point.

The most amazing fact here is that the price after the break or reverse of the marked by the program level will ALWAYS  reach the next marked by the program level of possible reverse.

That means that the trader knows in advance minimum the first target which the price will obligately reach.

The movement between such levels are quite enough for the trader’s needs. Concrete quantity of pips in such movement you will know after reading “Course 1”.

All consultations and help, after one had paid for and got the course, are free of charge and without limitation of time.


All the materials are in printed form in english, supplied with a numerous coloured charts for explanations and are delivered via e-mail as well as the “Loravilks” programme, which installs automatically on your computer.

The customer receives materials during maximum two days after payment can be seen on my account.

Funds are accepted only in euros. On my account there should appear the stated sum and not less. Otherwise the materials would not be sent till reception of necessary payment amount.

Course 1 price – 500.00 eur. Payment via  PayPalWestern Union, or by bank transfer(requisites are given lower).


Correspondent Bank:    DEUTSCHE BANK AG Frankfurt/Main, Germany

S.W.I.F.T.:                  DEUTDEFF

In favour of:                Swedbank, Riga, Latvia

S.W.I.F.T:                    HABALV22

Beneficiary:                  Nikolajs Serikovs

Account:                       LV43HABA0551002360514

Amount: *                           -

Payment details: ** name of the course and e-mail address (for example COURSE 1, e-mail address)

*   Please, take a note, that on my account there should appear mentioned above sum and not less.
Otherwise  the materials would not be sent till reception of necessary payment amount.

** Please, take care the e-mail address to be without mistakes. Mistakes would make it  impossible to send to you materials and would take some additional time of letters exchange between us to confirm your e-mail address.

 Note: sending information to e-mail: about made payment, would make it easier to monitor funds reception and speed up the delivery of the materials.

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